Hello world!

Welcome to String Theory! I’m Sam Wise, guitar player and guitar journalist. Over the coming weeks, months, and possibly epochs, this site will be populated with reviews of guitars, mandolins, ukuleles and other stringed instruments. The focus at first is probably going to be acoustic instruments, but I make no undertakings about where it will go in future.

Less frequently, there will be interviews, possibly factory visits, and other features, but the focus will remain instrument reviews. Wondering why you should trust my opinion on these instruments? Well, I have been playing guitar for 30 years, I currently play guitar, mandolin, ukulele and double bass in Honey and the Bee (link below) . More than that, though; since 2006 I have written almost every month for Acoustic Magazine, the UK based guitar mag. I’ve done artist interviews, CD reviews, factory visits, shop features, but most of all, many many guitar reviews; well into the hundreds. Simply, I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in learning about guitar construction and wood choice, and most of all, honing my ability to accurately describe what you hear when a guitar is played, and also to capture the intangible something which makes some guitars really special, while most are simply “perfectly ok”. It’s this search for great guitars which really excites me; I have a reasonable collection of guitars myself, and I have benefited greatly from playing so many, and discovering real standouts. I want to share that insight with you.

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